Potenza progettuale e visione strategica al servizio del territorio


Expanding urban regeneration actions from the eastern area of ​​Naples to the nine Vesuvius municipalities of the Pompeii Buffer Zone. The challenge launched in 2010 on Eastern Naples is renewed and, from the districts of Poggioreale, Barra, San Giovanni to Teduccio and Ponticelli, now it comes to embrace the entire Vesuvius and coastal metropolitan area. Thus, in July 2015, the Naplest et Pompei Association was founded, an association that keeps working on initiatives, experiences and projects started in recent years by the Naplest Committee.

Every model of urban redevelopment as well as economic and social development that intends to be really effective for eastern Naples can not in fact ignore a macro-area vision that includes also the Vesuvius coastal area, especially in light of the constitution of the Metropolitan City of Naples (third in Italy by inhabitants, but first by population density).

The reference territory thus identified, that unites the districts of the Naples eastern suburbs to the territories of the municipalities of Pompeii and Castellammare di Stabia requires, in fact, a single vision and strategy of a vast area because of the anthropic development that does not present any borders, for the common belonging to the area adjacent to Vesuvius, and for the viability in a limited time of 20 minutes on both road and rail, that determine the conditions to identify the entire area as a single market.

Without resorting to public funding, a group of entrepreneurs is thus keen to inaugurate a new season of doing things by launching a series of enhancement projects related to two strategic areas for the relaunch of both the city of Naples and the Campania Region: eastern Naples and the Vesuvius coastal area that includes the nine municipalities of the Pompeii Buffer Zone.