The NaplEst et Pompei Association is composed of 25 members:

About Us

The Naplest et Pompei Association was set up on July 29th 2015 by a group of Neapolitan entrepreneurs in order to unite the urban regeneration actions launched in 2012 in the eastern area of ​​Naples by the NaplEST Committee in a single strategic vision of revitalization and development of the nine Vesuvius municipalities that are part of the Pompeii Buffer Zone.

In synergy with the most representative trade associations, the Naplest et Pompei Association aims to promote the urban and economic development of the Eastern Metropolitan Area of ​​Naples, and therefore the area that includes the eastern districts of Naples, and all the Vesuvius coastal territory contiguous to eastern Naples and to the archaeological areas of Pompeii, Ercolano, Oplonti and Stabia.

The Association has an open nature and it can be joined by single or consortium companies that have a property to enhance or that carry out an activity in the Eastern Metropolitan Area “NaplEst et Pompei”, public companies with the same characteristics, banks, financial institutions, investment funds and others subjects that can be evaluated by the board of directors.

The NaplEst et Pompei Association is composed of 25 members:


1. MATA  Srl

2. Colella Industria SpA

3. Moccia Irme SpA

4. Magna Stabiae SpA

5. Majorano  SpA

6. Saces  Srl  – Soc. Appalti Costruzione Commercio Edile Sanitari.

7. MUM Srl

8. Officine Torresi Srl

9. Imballplast SpA

10. Kuwait Raffinazione e Chimica SpA

11. Diomira  SpA

12. Marina di Stabia Spa

13. DS Management  Srl

14. Avv. Sergio Maione

15. S.I.M.  Srl

16. Consorzio per il comparto CD

17. MED Consulting  Srl

18. GESAC spa

19. CDP immobiliare

20. Mediterranea Diagnostica Srl [ME.DI]

21. ENI SpA

22. PA.CO.  Pacifico Costruzioni Spa

23. Progetto Napoli  Srl

24. Riabilitazione Pompeiana Srl

25. Notaio Luigi D’Aquino